Mitch Griffiths star studded exhibition

Opening in London’s Mayfair district is Mitch Griffiths star-studded exhibition ‘The Promised Land’ of 25 new paintings, 29 April 2010 – 05 June 2010. Mitch uses current cultural delinquencies as a reference point for his satirical portraits. His work embraces and ultimately rejects the notion of  ’high standard of living’ in the western world. In these portraits we can see the degeneration and misguidedness of living in cultures of excess. Mitch’s Photorealism mixed with Old Masters painting style serves to put the viewer outside our own time frame and allows us to sharply reflect upon ourselves, and question our identity. In Mitch Griffith’s art you can see a direct influence and connection to the Neoclassical painting  The Death of Marat by Jacques-Louis David (1793) .  If our cultures are so advanced, how did they become so rogue?

The work of contemporary artist Mitch Griffiths apprehends the viewer through a dissection of twenty first century existence.

Richly  detailed, viscerally layered canvases disclose scenes which simultaneously examine notions of empire, guilt, celebrity and first world entitlement; whilst proffering to expose the essential vacuity of a society drenched in mass media and consumed by consumption itself. Griffiths employs an unflinching high realism to pick apart ideas which promise to haunt with an unnerving familiarity.