Gordon Brown Loses the vote of Ray Winstone

Ray Winstone has become the latest cinematic hard man to declare that he won't vote Labour.

There are few groups of voters that are looking softer in this election than hard men actors. After Sir Michael Caine's defection to the Tories and his Mona Lisa co-star Bob Hoskins's admission to me that he was flirting with the Greens, Ray Winstone has decided not to vote at all.

"I don't like any of them – they are all liars," the star of Sexy Beast said at the private viewing of paintings by Mitch Griffiths at the Halcyon Gallery in Mayfair. "There should be a box on the ballot form that says 'abstain'. I would put a cross in that one."

Nick Clegg prides himself on his acting prowess, but Winstone was not impressed with the Liberal Democrat leader's performances in the televised debates.

"I didn't reckon any of them were much good," the actor said. "I think they must all go to the same hand gesture school because they all had the same hand movements."


The work of contemporary artist Mitch Griffiths apprehends the viewer through a dissection of twenty first century existence.

Richly  detailed, viscerally layered canvases disclose scenes which simultaneously examine notions of empire, guilt, celebrity and first world entitlement; whilst proffering to expose the essential vacuity of a society drenched in mass media and consumed by consumption itself. Griffiths employs an unflinching high realism to pick apart ideas which promise to haunt with an unnerving familiarity.